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Study Technology: Effective Learning and Education

A Workable Answer: Study Technology

The Barriers to Study

A Technology
to Increase Comprehension

Successes from Application

L. Ron Hubbard: Study Technology Site

Successes from Application

I have had many wins using L. Ron Hubbard’s study technology. During high school and college I got average grades. I would fall asleep while studying and I wouldn’t retain much of what I learned. When I learned the study tech, it turned my studying around. I learned more, understood the material much better and I could use what I learned.

I now know what’s happening when I start to fall asleep and I know how to handle it.


Learning about the three barriers to study, I experienced those obstacles and it was simply amazing. The physical and mental realities, even when you are watching out for the signs and symptoms, are a real challenge.

My experience reminded me of all the times in my school years.

On retrospect I realized what my challenges had been all those years ago. It was almost mind-blowing to see that, although a third of my life had been spent in school, I had never been taught how to learn in the first place.


I spent twenty-four of twenty-eight years of my life in school and never learned how to study. Anything I learned up to that point was not under my control at all. I was lucky to learn what I did. Now I can learn anything as long as I apply L. Ron Hubbard’s study technology. I can understand things now that I would not have been able to a couple of months ago!


I just finished my Student Hat course and I feel great about it. My trouble in school was that I never knew how to study. I was always a kid with cheat sheets in the desk and instead of writing a report by myself, I’d copy the data verbatim from the source.

I now know how to study—and if someone can learn to study then they can learn anything they want to and do it. I never knew before how important proper study technology is, but now I love it. I’d never be without it.


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